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How to identify reasonable safety and security practices


Join Steven A. Adelman on this webinar on how to identify reasonable safety and security practices under the circumstances of your own events.

A basic common law duty is that everyone must behave reasonably under their own circumstances. 

Applying that principle to live event operations, it would be unreasonable to require the same plans or equipment for an annual parade as for a weekly sporting event at a large stadium.

The scale of event contributes substantially to both the size and nature of the risks as well as the resources available to combat them. 


During this webinar, Steven A. Adelman will cover how to:


  • Identify reasonable safety and security practices under the circumstances of your own events
  • Effectively apply your resources according to the scale of event
  • Document what you have done to mitigate your reasonably foreseeable risks, so even if something does go wrong, you can withstand any resulting legal claims

Don’t miss your chance to learn reasonable practices from one of the industry's best!

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Steve Adelman
Adelman Law Group, PLLC focuses on two areas of law: Sports & Entertainment and Civil Litigation. Steven A. Adelman's practice concentrates on the legal and safety issues from the production of live events at stadiums, arenas, outdoor festival grounds, event venues and public accommodations.
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