Health & safety - the Blerter way

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Inform your people in realtime

Ensure everyone always has the latest, most up-to-date health & safety information.  

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reduce risks and prevent incidents

Identify potential risks and near misses before incidents happen. 

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connect everyone on one platform

Collaborate and communicate with everyone - employees, contractors, visitors and more - via one powerful platform. 

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Increase productivity and reduce cost

Increase productivity through faster and more seamless collaboration by joining together people and information all in one place.

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Resolve issues quickly and reliably

Create, assign and track tasks to address and resolve health and safety issues in the business.

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Embrace contractors and subcontractors 

Include all your (sub)contractors in your health and safety efforts to ensure you meet your duty of care. 


Send everyone home safe -  Every day 

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


NEW: RollCall


Our new emergency RollCall functionality is now in public Beta and available on request to all Blerter users. Learn more to find out how RollCall helps you keep your people safe and how you can get access to it. 


Blerter Core

Frontline Health and Safety Communication

Realtime communication and collaboration with your whole team made easy.

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Empower your workforce

Give your entire team the tools they need to stay safe and take an active role in health and safety.

Instant access to key information

Compile all your critical health and safety information in one place with easy access for you and your team.

Communicate in realtime

Share critical information in realtime and discuss isues, ideas and concerns with your team.


+ ADD-ON Applications

Create the right health and safety solution for your business.