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We believe
in experiences.

The beauty of events is in the experience; the raw emotions they evoke. The inspiration in watching athletes cross the finish line. That feeling you get when your favorite artist takes the stage.

With Blerter in hand, the operational side of things run smoother. Leaving you to focus on the moments and feelings that make your event memorable.

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  • Maintain your Brand consistency by creating and implementing repeatable processes
  • Connect your entire event crew in one place, on one platform
  • Maintain visibility & reduce risk with document uploading & simple incident reporting

Event Managers

  • Stay connected with your entire crew with instant Blerts & Alerts communication
  • Gain peace of mind with simple reporting of all communication
  • Keep your crew up-to-date on last minute hazard and risk situations


  • Give your volunteer workforce a voice to directly, efficiently, and privately communicate with the operations center
  • Allow crew to stay up-to-date with real time run sheets and dashboards
  • Keep your volunteers engaged with group conversations

Get hold of the key to a better event experience.

With Blerter, your whole event workforce is connected. And your ops team can run events efficiently through a single, comprehensive platform. A powerful tool to have at your fingertips.

Are you ready to take your event to the next level? Prove it.

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