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SB Events at the ITU Triathlon World Cup in New Plymouth in March 2018


Ironman New Zealand during the Ironman Event in Taupo in March 2019


As an event organizer, you have a clear goal:

Create an amazing experience for everyone involved with your event.

There are two key things that are especially important to achieve this goal: Your team needs to work highly efficiently and you need to keep everyone safe.

And that’s where Blerter comes in. Blerter is the better way to communicate and collaborate with your entire event crew and create a safe environment for everyone involved.  


Connect your entire event crew (including volunteers) on one platform


Communicate and collaborate with everyone in real-time


Enable your crew to report issues and concerns in a structured manner that gives you the accuracy and context you need to take action


Give everyone easy access to relevant information


Keep everyone informed of hazards and other safety risks


Get a full, structured record of all communication and easily go back and forth between different conversations and issues


Action issues and risks directly within Blerter without having to transfer data into other tool and applications

The Right platform for every occasion

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Prepare your event on Desktop

The Blerter Desktop app runs in all common web-browsers and is your admin and management platform.

  • Set up your team
  • Load information like documents and hazards
  • Prepare for your event
  • Review and manage the information captured after your event
  • Prepare reports and summarise key learnings

Run your event On Mobile

Run your live event on the go via our Android and iOS mobile apps.

  • Enable your entire crew to report issues and concerns in seconds – including the accuracy and context you need to take action immediately on the mobile app
  • Share critical information with your entire crew at any time during the event


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Whatever your next event is, make sure everyone has an amazing and safe experience.
Talk to us today about how Blerter can help.