Blerter is the tool to help you run more efficient, safer and more amazing events.

We do this by connecting your entire event team on one platform for real-time communication, collaboration and coordination. To make sure you can have your entire event team, including contractors, vendors and volunteers, on the Blerter platform during your event without it breaking the bank, our pricing separates two user types:

User Types Billed Annually Billed Monthly
Organizational Staff $25 / user / month $34 / user / month
Event Crew $4 / user / event $5 / user / event

Enterprise and Special Event Pricing: 

If you run a large number of event, very large events and/or other special events that might not fit the model above, please get in touch with us to discuss our enterprise pricing options. 


Organizational Staff vs. Event Crew

At Blerter we know that running successful events involves a lot of different types of people. You have permanent staff who plan and organize the event, you have contractors who help with venue set-up and pack down, you have vendors on site during the event and you are likely to have a large number of contractors or volunteers to help you run things on event day.

Blerter has been designed with this in mind to ensure all users get the access and functionality they need without any complexity they don’t need and to make sure Blerter is cost-effective for Event organisers - you don’t want to pay year around for someone who is only part of your event team for a few days. That’s why we have two user types: Permanent Staff and Event Crew.

Organizational Staff Event Crew
Description Permanent staff are those people who are involved in all phases of your event; planning, running and review. They are part of your team either year around or at least for many months. They could also be short-term team members who have a key role during your event and, therefore, need access to advanced Blerter functionality. Event crew are those people who usually only get involved with the running of the event. They are part of your team for a short time only - though they might get involved with a number of your events. During your events they take on support roles and do not need access to advanced Blerter functioanlity.
Examples Organization owner, managers, event planners, regular staff and consultants, etc. Volunteers, casual contractors, vendors, etc.
Pricing $25 / user / month* $4 / user / event* (up to 30 days)
How billing works You buy a certain number of licenses and then pay annually (or monthly). You can buy more licenses at any point or reduce the number of licenses.

Staff are paid for at an organization level, not per event. This way your staff can be added to as many events as you choose without incurring any additional event costs.
You simply add people to your event team and we automatically bill you based on the number of crew members active during any 30 day period.

You will get a separate invoice for each event at the end of the month with just the crew you’ve had active on the event that month.
Permissions and Roles Organizational staff can have different permissions and roles.

You choose which features and functionalities each staff member should have access to. When you add them to an event, staff can be Crew, Team Leaders or Managers.**
Crew Members can only be added to events as Crew** and their access is limited to: Check-In/Out, sending Blerts, receiving Alerts and Hazards viewing comments, viewing team members, sending and receiving Chat messages, viewing Documents.

* when billed annually
** To learn more about permissions and roles, visit our knowledge base pages here.


Pricing Example

Let’s look at a pricing example. To keep it simple, we’ll assume you’re an event company that runs 3 events each year. You have a team of 13 employees as well as two contractors who are involved with most of your events and have significant responsibilities in the planning phases as well as on event day. Each of your three events involves different numbers of volunteers, contractors and vendors. Two of your events are one or two day events but Event 3 is run over a total of 6 weeks. For each event, the volunteers, contractors and vendors are only involved while the event is running plus a few days on either side. Therefore, they don’t need permanent licenses. Here is what your pricing would look like if you would opt for annual billing.

Licenses Annual Price
13 Permanent Staff licenses for your employees: (13 x $25 x 12) $3,900
2 Permanent Staff licenses for your key contractors (2 x $25 x 12) $600
EVENT 1 (one day event):
Your 13 permanent staff and 2 permanent contractors
- 200 Volunteers
- 20 Vendors

Total for Event 1


EVENT 2 (two day event):
- Your 13 permanent staff and 2 permanent contractors
- 740 Volunteers
- 40 Vendors

Total for Event 2


EVENT 3 (six week event):
- Your 13 permanent staff and 2 permanent contractors
- 400 Volunteers over 2 months (2x $4 per volunteer)
- 35 Vendors over 2 months (2x $4 per vendor)

Total for Event 3