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We are Blerter

We're passionate about events. The team brings over a decade of experience leveraging tech and social networking concepts to keep people, workforces and communities connected, productive and safe. We’re constantly evolving to address complex industry challenges with simple, easy-to-use software.

Why we're so passionate

Blerter's Mission

To provide the tools needed to deliver safe, memorable and well managed events - no matter how complex, risky or ambitious they are.

  • Blerter’s state-of-the-art platform supports our staff to safely execute our event plan, address incidents in real-time and keep all necessary parties informed. It streamlines communication which helps us maximize the athlete experience.
    Brian D'Amico, Director of Events at USA Triathlon
  • The team at Blerter has gone above and beyond from day one to ensure we had a great experience and were able to effectively use their software to make our event safer and a better experience for participants, volunteers, and race staff.
    Josh Zabel, Director at Kansas City Sports Commission
  • Blerter's easy-to-use app enables my team to be connected, communicate, report hazards/incidents and act quickly across a vast area with all the reporting in one central place. Blerter has quickly become an essential element to successfully deliver our exams venue operations.
    Calista Ferreira, Venue Operations Manager at Monash University
  • The goal was to use Blerter to keep athletes safe with reduced incident response times, provide a simple and engaging experience for volunteers, and streamline reporting and allocation for the operations team. Blerter has delivered in all these areas.
    Dag Oliver, General Manager at Norseman Xtreme Triathlon

Ready to see more?

With your teams returning to work following lockdowns, it's essential to have the best tools in place when they arrive. Talk to us about how Blerter can help you create a safer, more responsive workforce.