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We are...


we discover, re-imagine then re-create, and drive positive change


we embody smarts, drive, energy and enthusiasm


we sweat the details, perform to a high standard and lead by example


we embrace diversity, work as a team, give honest feedback and leave our egos at the door

Our Mission:

To provide the tools needed to deliver safe, memorable and well managed events - no matter how complex, risky or ambitious they are.

Our Story

Blerter got started in 2010 by leveraging tech and social networking concepts to keep people, workforces and communities connected, productive and safe.

But that was only the beginning... we’re constantly evolving to address complex industry challenges with simple, easy-to-use software.

The events industry is dynamic, with a lot of depth. It drew us in. So, in 2014 the next stage in event tech evolution was born, and its name, Blerter.


This is what our people say

Enable brands globally to smoothly manage hyperconnected workforces that deliver unrivaled event experiences.


Delivering world-class experiences to young people while connecting cultures from around the world.

— Global Games

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Why events?

Think about what got you hooked...

It’s a fun, exhilarating, stressful yet super rewarding space to be in. Our roots are in a nation of sport lovers and sporting heroes. Bringing communities together is at the very heart of our culture. And attending events is something all of us, as individuals, have taken memorable moments from.

Not only is it exciting that our software can help address complex challenges in this space, but it’s key that it’s an industry our people are passionate about too. Hear for yourself what events are to us...

We understand exceptional performance.

That’s why we handle the most essential part of your comms, ensuring high performing volunteer workforces and unmatched Brand experiences.

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