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The Blerter Story

Blerter got started in 2010 by leveraging tech and social networking concepts to keep people, workforces and communities connected, productive and safe. But that was only the beginning... we’re constantly evolving to address complex industry challenges with simple, easy-to-use software. The events industry is dynamic, with a lot of depth. It drew us in. So, in 2014 the next stage in event tech evolution was born, and its name, Blerter.

What Events Mean To Us

Blerter's Mission

To provide the tools needed to deliver safe, memorable and well managed events - no matter how complex, risky or ambitious they are.

  • Using Blerter has helped our teams communicate more effectively which enables better operational efficiency.
    Chris Randle, Regional Director NZ, Ironman
  • Because our entire event workforce was connected through Blerter, it meant we could deploy the right resources straight away to tend to any incidents.
    Craig Seuseu, Events Director, Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon

Event delivery platform

Streamline your delivery, be prepared for things that can go wrong and increase crew engagement at your next event