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The future of triathlon delivery

Everything you need as a race director, to deliver safer and smarter triathlons.

Everything in one place

Manage risk, streamline delivery and engage your frontline - connecting your entire event workforce in one place, from the race director to volunteers and suppliers.

  • Comms
    Connect with the right people at the right time
    As a race director, you need to be able to connect with the right people at the right time whether or not they have a radio. With Blerter, you have two-way communication with your whole workforce, whether you’re in the event operations center or on a mobile device. Never again will you have to worry about dropping the ball due to a lack of information.
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  • Operations - Manage your crew
    Reduce your workload
    Say goodbye to endless hours of paperwork, piles of documents and radio chaos. When you automate your frontline onboarding, scheduling and communication processes, you can be confident that all of your people are always kept up-to-date and ready for any surprises that come their way.
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  • Safety - Keep everyone safe
    Plan for the unexpected
    Running successful triathlons means planning for the unexpected and taking appropriate action to mitigate risks that could impact your event. Keep everyone safe at your triathlon with Blerter’s easy-to-use platform designed to help you manage risks, and respond to incidents and near misses as they happen.
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  • Reporting - Get actionable insights
    Meaningful data about your events is just a click away
    Record everything as it happens, enabling you to review all key activities, including how hazards and incidents were managed. See your entire event portfolio and gain insights to help you improve future events - keeping people safe and preserving your reputation.
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More effective triathlon delivery

This is what race directors told us about the impact of using Blerter at their triathlons.

  • The safety of athletes, spectators and volunteers is the highest priority at all USA Triathlon events. Blerter’s state-of-the-art platform supports our staff to safely execute our event plan, address incidents in real-time and keep all necessary parties informed.
    Brian D'Amico, Director of Events at USA Triathlon
  • The goal was to use Blerter to keep athletes safe with reduced incident response times, provide a simple and engaging experience for volunteers, and streamline reporting and allocation for the operations team. Blerter has delivered in all these areas.
    Dag Oliver, General Manager at Norseman Xtreme Triathlon
  • Blerter easily allows all volunteers and race staff to communicate quickly and effectively, while also providing a built in race recap for future event planning. The team at Blerter has gone above and beyond from day one to ensure we had a great experience.
    Josh Zabel, Director at Kansas City Sports Commission