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Leading Event Delivery Platform

Safer, smarter events for
host cities leading venues event organizers crews and volunteers security and medical Are you prepared?

10 things that you get when you implement an Event Delivery Platform

Bringing people together is increasingly important as we transition back to normal life, but it's riskier than before. Blerter gives you the tools you need to deliver safer, smarter events.

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Perfect for physical teams of all kinds

Equip your workforce with the tools they need to act fast and respond with precision to rapidly changing situations, no matter where they are or the scale of the challenge.

  • Operations 1 - Onboard
    Safer delivery for a post lockdown world
    To ensure a safer experience for your attendees, participants and crew, you need the right mix of technology. From sports to concerts and festivals, the more complex your event, the harder it is to keep on top of everything. With an event delivery platform, your event will be connected like never before.
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  • Security & Facilities
    Responsive workforces and pop-up locations
    Whether you're managing a COVID-19 outbreak or something else has gone wrong, you need the tools to respond quickly and keep the people safe. Say goodbye to endless hours of paperwork, piles of documents and radio chaos. Your workforce will always be up-to-date and ready for any surprises that come their way.
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  • Universities & Campuses
    Everything you need as people return
    Make sure everyone is safe and secure as you re-open your campus with a communications platform that spans your workers, suppliers, students - and anyone else. Regardless of why they are on campus, easily communicate key pre-cautions that need to be taken and respond quickly when things go wrong.
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  • Community & Healthcare
    The platform to serve when emergencies strike
    Whether you're serving your community or providing healthcare day-to-day or in a time of crisis, it can be difficult to quickly deploy workforces with the precision and oversight needed to deliver results. Blerter brings your teams together in one place, with everything you need to make a fast, effective difference. Perfect for NGOs, NFPs and pop-up locations.
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