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Prepare for the unpredictable


Join Stuart Hartley from EventCover on this webinar. Events are unpredictable and without the right protection, the repercussions can be severe. 

Learn about some of the key things you need to be aware of and consider when planning your next event.


This webinar will help you to gain a deeper understanding of event insurance in New Zealand and give you insights into how coverage can help mitigate risk at your event and ensure you're adequately positioned to respond if things do go wrong at your event.

Event insurance expert Stuart Hartley will cover the following:


  • Event Cancellation Insurance - find out what event insurance will cover, as well as key examples of when this type of cover has been used
  • Adverse weather - an overview of some of the key things that can go wrong when the weather turns bad and how event insurance can be your saving grace
  • Terrorism - why understanding the difference between fear of terrorism and the threat of terrorism can impact your ability to make a claim, with examples

This webinar is essential for anyone who owns or runs events in New Zealand. Make sure you're taking the right steps to protect your event, your attendees and your reputation.

About author
Stuart Hartley
EventCover was born out of the necessity to have an underwriting agency on the ground in New Zealand who fully understood and was ingrained in the NZ events industry. Having worked as the Partnerships Manager for a major corporate broking house, Stuart Hartley felt the need to fill a gap in the market.
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