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EventCover partners with Blerter

As part of an ongoing relationship to help secure and optimize events, EventCover are partnering with Blerter to align best practice in risk management and event technology.

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Why did EventCover decide to partner up with Blerter? EventCover’s Underwriting Manager, Stuart Hartley explains:

“There was a commonality around what we both wanted to achieve and the services we were looking to provide back into the events industry. After speaking with Blerter we both saw a lot of value in each other’s product and services.

What will the partnership entail?

By utilising both products event owners can add layers of financial, brand and legal resilience to their
organization. Utilising Blerter in alignment with EventCover will be seen by brokers to be taking operational risk mitigation steps and therefore can be classed as a “better risk.”

Event owners can add operational efficiencies and best practice communication by centralising communication through Blerter and connecting a multi-party stakeholder environment on one digital platform. This will drive event consistency, situational awareness across the event and give you the ability to share information across multiple teams and locations in real-time. These key performances will help coordinate resources faster, respond to issues effectively and manage incidents better. This means all third parties carrying elements of legal, financial and liability risk can be assured that measures are being taken to ensure participants and attendees are as safe as possible.

With these procedures in place, events will also have the reassurance that if anything major occurs, including events being cancelled due to weather or other uncontrollable circumstances then they are protected by tailored and industry best practice insurance policies.

When asked what made Blerter the obvious choice? Hartley replied:

“We didn’t need much convincing. Once we sat down with Blerter it was clear that they had a vision of where they wanted to take their product and that really coincided with what we were looking to achieve in our first year as well. There were no major decisions to be made, as the product spoke for itself so it was an obvious choice in the end.”


EventCover is New Zealand's only underwriting agency and Lloyds Coverholder specialising exclusively in event insurance. Their expertise includes creating bespoke insurance solutions for the NZ events industry.

To find out more:  Email:  stu@eventcover.co.nz / www.eventcover.co.nz


Blerter’s event management platform helps mitigate risk, improve operational communication and respond to incidents in real-time so that event operators can perform efficiently and effectively on the day.

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To find out more: Email: anthonyv@blerter.com / www.blerter.com


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