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Reduce the risk
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Surprises are great when they’re packaged in small boxes with gift cards attached, but not when it comes to running a successful event.

Our No Second Chances Guide helps you plan for the inevitable and the unexpected. Download it today and be one step closer to delivering your most successful event yet!

Right first time

We’ll walk you through the key steps in getting your pre-event plan right first time, including:

  • Identifying issues
  • Sharing your plan
  • Streamlining communication
  • Crowdsourcing information
  • Reducing risks
  • Achieving effective response
  • Learning and improving

Better with Blerter


Inadequate technologies haven’t succeeded in meeting real-time challenges. Until now. Whether you're responsible for a sports competition, concert or festival, Blerter helps you to say goodbye to spreadsheets, reliance on radios and the old way of running your event by bringing everything into a one, easy to use system - with appropriate designated channels. Talk to us about how to better connect your event.

But don’t take our word for it

"Safety in the games is a high priority, but we can’t stop things happening on a sports field so what’s key is how we deal with it. We needed to make our communications simple, with the ability to record everything. Blerter was definitely the answer for that."

Tyrone Campbell, Founder and Events Director

Global Games NZ

"We decided to adopt a technology tool to help us improve communications right across our event crew (staff, suppliers, emergency services, volunteers etc) for quick response and full visibility. Overall, using Blerter has helped our teams communicate more effectively which enables better operational efficiency.”

Chris Randell, Regional Director NZ


“Because our entire event workforce was connected off and on the course, it meant we could deploy the right resources straight away to tend to any incidents."

Craig Seuseu, Events Director

Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon