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Challenge Family partners with Blerter


Blerter and CHALLENGEFAMILY are pleased to announce that they will be partnering to increase awareness and adoption of best practice operational standards for triathlons that are part of the legendary CHALLENGEFAMILY global series, with Blerter's leading event delivery platform for sports - strengthening franchise operational readiness and continuing CHALLENGEFAMILY's long tradition of delivering world class events that attract athlete's all over the world.

A core benefit that the partnership will bring includes keeping athletes safe at the events with Blerter's easy-to-use platform designed to help with efficiency in capturing incidents, hazards and near misses as they happen.

Blerter will enable event organizers to plan for the unexpected and take appropriate action to mitigate risks and ensure safety standards throughout the event. Additionally, the cloud-based technology which enables two-way communication across the entire event crew means quicker response times to incidents at the event. 

"We're looking forward to joining forces with Blerter. The inventiveness, knowledge and experience of Blerter will help our race directors to make our events even safer by optimising internal communication streams. Next to that it boosts the engagement of crew and volunteers independently of their location on the race course," explains Jort Vlam, CHALLENGEFAMILY's CEO.

"Blerter will help us to keep looking at our events with a critical eye in other areas, so we stay at the forefront of offering the best possible race experiences to our athletes all over the world."




CHALLENGEFAMILY events can find out more information on this partnership here

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