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Blerter/FFEA - Keeping people safe at outdoor events


Join Blerter's Anthony Vernon and Florida Festivals & Events Association's Suzanne Neve for a webinar to learn how you can leverage technology for enhanced event safety. 


Learn about the importance and challenges of managing issues of all shapes and sizes at outdoor events and what you need to be thinking about, as you plan your events over the coming year to keep people safe and secure. 

During this webinar, Anthony Vernon will cover the following:

  • When a crisis arises at your event, how can you leverage technology to help ensure your emergency response procedures safely take the crowd out of harm's way?

  • Do you have communications channels to keep your whole team connected at all times so they can respond to any issues promptly? 

  • Can you pinpoint exactly where a problem or incident occurs so that logistics, security or medical teams can tend to the situation without delay?

Whether you run, own or permit events - this event safety webinar is not to be missed

About author
Anthony Vernon
Anthony Vernon was previously Head of Sales at Blerter. His passion lies in helping event professionals leverage technology to streamline communication, help prepare for when things go wrong and increase engagement to deliver memorable experiences. With over 10 years experience, Anthony has deep expertise across how technology can benefit business process change. He believes that technology has the most significant role to influence positive human behaviour on a global scale.

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