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Blerter partners with Rosterfy to increase workforce engagement


Blerter is pleased to announce a partnership with Rosterfy to provide an end to end solution for workforce engagement. 

Rosterfy is a workforce engagement solution that helps to streamline manual processes of workforce management, for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Blerter's event delivery platform combined with Rosterfy's scalable volunteer and workforce technology, will provide clients with the opportunity to strengthen their operations when it comes to event management. 



Improve crew communications​ 

Connect directly with your whole team, with or without a radio. Know who has and hasn't checked in, respond to incidents and address hazards on the go. 


Engage your crew

Engage with your volunteers through communication, training and experiences including reward and recognition programs to ensure your workforce is retained. 


Secure your data

Transfer information securely between the two platforms so you can ensure the safety of your data, eliminating spreadsheets and replacing with streamlined event technology.


"We're really excited to announce a formal partnership with Blerter. Both Rosterfy and Blerter clients will have the ability to better engage their volunteers and transfer information securely between the two platforms to ensure a streamlined approach to event management," said Bennett Merriman, Rosterfy Co-founder and Head of Partnership and Client Growth.

"Communication is essential, and by bringing Blerter and Rosterfy together it has never been easier to connect with your workforce and keep them engaged. Whether you're involved in planning the event, or managing it on the day - the right combination of technologies will simplify your life, and streamline the delivery of your event," said Anthony Vernon, Blerter Head of Sales. 


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The integration will be available soon. In the meantime, if you're interested in learning more about how this partnership can work for you, click here

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