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Blerter helps Kiwi events get back on their feet


As New Zealand moves into Level 1 and some semblance of normality, Blerter is looking forward to working with the events industry support a safe recovery, and give people like you who are running events the ability to use technology to delivery events as safely as possible amid a global pandemic. 

Event delivery in a pandemic

With COVID-19 likely to be an ongoing health issue for at least the next 12 months, event organisers not only have to overcome financial challenges caused by pandemic lockdowns and attendee concerns around returning to crowded places, but also the additional health and safety measures needed to keep people safe. 

Technology driven check-in and check-out processes not only make contact tracing easier, but help manage health risks prior to, during and after the event. Blerter gives those running events the ability to quickly communicate with their entire event crew without relying on two-way radios and difficult to manage contact lists. 

"The events industry has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Already we're getting high volumes of questions around ways to run more cost effective events as budgets are tightened, and how to manage contact tracing," said Richard Gill, Blerter CEO and Founder. "New Zealand is in a unique position as one of the first countries to be able to start running events safely again, but we need to take the right precautions."

Recovering socially and economically 

The importance of the events sector, and the value it contributes can not be understated. The New Zealand Event Association's recent discussion paper around COVID-19 noted that "events can help to improve social cohesion, community spirit and pride; stimulate domestic and international tourism and generate national and global media profile." 

"As we come out of lockdown and reflect on the type of society we want to rebuild, it's clear that events need to be a core component of that recovery," said Timothy Roberts, Blerter Head of Marketing. "This is a vibrant industry that meaningfully impacts our lives both socially and economically, and right now we are doing our very best to build the technology needed to enable events to begin running again as safely and efficiently as possible."

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