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Blerter introduces Channels!


We understand that running events involves juggling complex, dynamic environments along with managing a diverse crew and large numbers of attendees. 

To help give you more flexibility and control, we’re releasing game-changing platform updates to help you channel the passion and energy of your crew, so you can focus on what you love - running amazing events.

Introducing Channels, a complete refresh of Blerter that will allow you to segment your event communications and information flow in a much easier way. Filter out the noise, reduce response times when things go wrong and engage more effectively with your team through purpose-driven channels of communications. 

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Why you will love Channels...





Keep your empowered event crew connected through purpose-driven channels of information and communication. With Channels, you can filter out the noise by communicating to the right people, at the right time, every time - never worry again about dropping the ball due to communication getting lost. 





If you currently use radio channels, you're going to fall in love with Blerter's Channels. Simply align your existing radio channels or groups with Channels in Blerter, where your real-time communication is much better targeted helping improve response times when things go wrong. Channel the passion and energy of your crew to act quick when faced with the unexpected!





We understand the importance of privacy for certain types of information and communication. Channels allows you to preserve confidentiality with the ability to control who sees what in each of your channels. 


If you're a manager of an event, see how Blerter can help you connect: 


If you're a crew member of an event, see how Blerter can help you connect:


We hope you're as excited as we are about these exciting platform updates! Request a free demo to see how Channels can help you engage better with your crew to make sure your next event is safe, memorable and well-managed - no matter how complex, risky or ambitious it may be. 


Ready to see Channels in action?

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