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So what does an event look like with Blerter?


Blerter's event delivery platform is designed specifically for event professionals - to help deliver more efficient, safer events. 

So, how does Blerter help you do this?

Problems solved

  • information sharing : with all of your workforce and contractors on one platform, sharing information is easy.
  • real-time updates : any time there's a change to an evacuation map, schedules or tasks, the right people are notified and everyone accesses only the latest information.
  • mass communication : communicate with one, some or all of your workforce, in real-time and in a secure way.
  • contextual awareness : everyone on the platform reports issues straight to you or their team in a secure message, no time lost looking for a radio or sending runners.
  • risk management : circulate hazard and risk information, assign tasks, monitor progress and communicate in real time, and manage incidents wherever you are.

You've made the decision to have your tech work for you with Blerter, so what's this going to look like?

Let's get your event space up and running

Day One - Your Salesperson will email you with a link to your exclusive online event space, and will introduce you to your Customer Success agent (if you haven't already met).

Day Two - Your Customer Success agent will be in touch within a day to say hi, and make a time that suits you to discuss training options, and to confirm your event timing.

Week One - You'll start building your event online, setting up your dates and times, uploading documents and inviting your key team members to join your event.  You and your Customer Success agent will have a chat and set a time for online training.  

Month One - You and your team will have an online training session, led by your Customer Success agent and specific to your event.   

Post-training - All of the information and processes covered in your training will be sent to you by email, with links to useful information and guides on our support site.

Leading up to your event

5-6 weeks out - You'll be uploading important documents to your event space, and setting access permissions and team parameters.  Your Customer Success agent will be in regular contact, and is happy to help.

1 month out - You create your on-boarding posters online, and circulate by email or text to start getting your wider team set up.  You'll have access to invitation templates and guides, as well as your Customer Success agent by phone, email or online.

1 week out - You and your core team will want to check your setup, make sure you have the right teams and channels ready to go, and that your event Runsheets are spot on.  This is a good time to re-circulate your on-boarding posters, so that anyone you missed last time can jump in with time to spare.  

You'll want to review your check-in questions, risk management documentation, safety processes and evacuation map(s) to make sure they're accurate and up to date.

The day before - You'll get a text or call from your Customer Success agent, to make sure that everything is copacetic and also make sure that you have their direct contact details - and you're ready to go!

Event delivery

During the event - It's on!

Your event team, volunteers, contractors, vendors (in fact, anyone you want) will be kept up to date with real-time access to live Runsheets and notices.  You'll be able to see who has checked in and when they checked out, and you'll be informed of incidents and concerns without the usual delays.  

If the weather changes, or if there is an update to your safety processes or evac map, you'll be able to notify everyone at once, or specific groups, and give instructions - no runners needed, and you can deliver the information without causing widespread panic by using a PA system.

Blerter support - You and your team will be busy delivering your best, most streamlined and efficient event ever, so we won't bother you - except to send you a summary report each day so that you can see how you and your team are collaborating online.

Your Customer Success agent is available by phone, text or email throughout your event, as is our support desk and online guides and trouble-shooting.

Event review

After the event - Whew!  You and your team will be jubilant but probably a little bit tired (is that the understatement of the century??).  

After a few days, we'll be in touch with you with a summary report on your event activity on Blerter, and to set a time that suits you to go through your experience and success on the platform.

Post-event review - You and your Customer Success agent will go over your event, celebrate all the great things you and your team achieved using Blerter, and identify any areas for improvement.  We'll take away important learnings for our product team, and you'll take away ideas for making your next event even smoother and safer using Blerter.

What's next?

If you have another event coming up soon, you and your Customer Success agent will arrange more training (if needed) and tailor ongoing contact and support to suit your needs.

If you don't have another event coming up soon, we'll stay in regular contact and keep you in the loop for product feature updates and Blerter resources.  We'll make sure you're the first to know of offers and special deals, and we'll share exclusive resources, guides and templates with you first - you're now part of the Blerter tribe!   

And that's it!  As we say in our New Zealand office... sweet as!

Centralize your communications, operations, and safety processes - connect your entire event team in one place with Blerter.

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Centralize your communications, operations, and safety processes - connecting your entire event team in one place with Blerter.
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