Health & safety - the Blerter way

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Inform your people in realtime

Ensure everyone always has the latest, most up-to-date health & safety information.  

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reduce risks and prevent incidents

Identify potential risks and near misses before incidents happen. 

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connect everyone on one platform

Collaborate and communicate with everyone - employees, contractors, visitors and more - via one powerful platform. 

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Increase productivity and reduce cost

Increase productivity through faster and more seamless collaboration by joining together people and information all in one place.

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Resolve issues quickly and reliably

Create, assign and track tasks to address and resolve health and safety issues in the business.

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Embrace contractors and subcontractors 

Include all your (sub)contractors in your health & safety efforts to ensure you meet your duty of care. 


Send everyone home safe  -  Every day 

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


More than your standard Health & SafeTy solution


Standard H&S workflows

  • hazard identification
  • incident reporting
  • safety observations
  • documents, files, photos 

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Blerter workflows

  • simple “Blerts” for easy reporting
  • site alerts and messaging
  • emergency roll calls
  • create, assign and track tasks
  • discussions, conversations & chat
  • contractor management
  • integrated visitor registration
  • check-in with induction
  • and many more




  • iPhone & iPad
  • Android smartphone & tablet
  • Apple Watch & TV
  • desktop web
  • smartphone web

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Integration & ecosystem

  • APIs for easy integration
  • extensions for app embedding
  • globally scalable infrastructure
  • qualifications authority system
  • partners, integrators and resellers