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Crisis communications

in the age of COVID-19

When you're surrounded by unknowns and a rapidly changing environment, you need the right tools to react fast and keep people safe.


Co-ordinate during a crisis

In times of adversity, multi-stakeholder environments change rapidly - so its essential that communication, operations and safety is central to your delivery. Make swift response times, contact tracing and community engagement a priority so you can mobilize quickly during a crisis.

  • Comms - Communicate in realtime
    Connect with the right people at the right time
    Crisis communication needs to sit at the heart of your delivery. With Blerter, you have two-way communication with your whole workforce - from volunteers to contractors. Whether you’re managing an unplanned event from your office, or on the go, you'll never will you have to worry about dropping the ball due to a lack of information again.
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  • Operations - Manage your crew
    Reduce your workload
    Say goodbye to endless hours of paperwork, piles of documents and digital chaos. When you automate your workforce onboarding, scheduling and communication processes, you can be confident that all of your people are always kept up-to-date and ready for any surprises that come their way.
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  • Safety - Keep everyone safe
    Plan for the unexpected
    When an unplanned event occurs, you need to be ready for the unexpected and have the ability to take appropriate action to mitigate risks that could impact people and your community. Keep everyone safe with Blerter’s easy-to-use platform designed to help you manage incidents, hazards and near misses as they happen.
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Is Blerter the right fit for your needs?

Talk to our team about whether Blerter can help you deliver during the COVID-19 outbreak - we also have options for volunteer organizations.