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Event delivery platform for volunteer managers

Managing your event crew is riskier than before. Blerter gives you the tools you need to create a safer, more flexible environment. With an event delivery platform, your crew will be connected like never before. Deploy in minutes, not months.

  • Comms - Communicate in realtime
    Keep your crew informed
    With real-time communication, you can keep your team informed at all times. Things can escalate quickly on the ground and targeted, relevant communication is crucial to managing hazards and incidents effectively.
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  • Operations - Manage your crew
    Rapidly onboard your team
    Take the stress away with intuitive ways to get visibility of your crew and quickly onboard your team. Keep everyone on the same page, highlight key tasks and complete induction processes all on one handy platform.
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  • Safety - Keep everyone safe
    Know who's on-site
    Keeping your people safe and engaged onsite starts with knowing who is there. Know when people check in and out, and get peace of mind knowing that they have seen and acknowledged important event information as part of their check-in.
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  • Reporting - Get actionable insights
    Meaningful data about your events is just a click away
    Record everything as it happens, enabling you to review all key activities, including how hazards and incidents were managed. See your entire event portfolio and gain insights to help you improve future events - keeping people safe and preserving your reputation.
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