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Event Preparedness and Resilience Survey Report 2020

Blerter and ERMS are excited to present the full Event Preparedness and Resilience Survey Report - a comprehensive assessment of the state of risk management and preparedness in the live events industry.

How resilient is your event in the face of uncertainty?

Keeping people safe and managing risk is essential to running a successful event. The Event Preparedness & Resilience Survey will give you a chance to see how you compare with your peers globally and provide new insights into the industry's preparedness and resilience in today's uncertain world. The survey findings are based on the responses of over 160 event professionals from eleven countries around the world.

As well as information on key industry measures and trends, you'll also gain insights from event risk industry expert, Peter Ashwin (ERMS) on:
  • Event risk management strategies
  • Getting the weather decision right
  • Workforce collaboration and technology