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Blerter Core



Make sure everyone is aware of health and safety hazards 


Keeping your team up-to-date and creating awareness around potential risks and Hazards in the workplace is key to avoiding accidents and keeping everyone safer.

With Blerter Core you can create and share Hazards in seconds and make sure your team is made aware via notifications and mandatory acknowledgement at Check-in. 


Key Features

Create Hazards in seconds

  • Create new Hazards in a few simple steps
  • Include details such as level of significance, suggested controls and exact location
  • Attach Documents or images
  • Create Hazards directly from the Blerts your Team submits
Create hazards
Communicate Hazards

  • Blerter sends automatic notifications to everyone concerned when a Hazards is created or updated
  • Hazards are added to the Check-in screen and your Team needs to acknowledge them when they checking in
Create hazards
Edit and update hazards

  • Edit Hazards when details change
  • Add comments
  • Archive Hazards once they are resolved
edit hazards
Add tasks to hazards

  • Ensure Hazards are addressed quickly by creating and assigning Tasks with the Tasks Add-on. Learn more here.
add tasks

Blerter Core + Feature Add-ons

Here at Blerter we understand that each business is different and has unique requirements around health and safety. That is why we developed the Blerter Core + Feature Add-ons model

Everyone starts with Blerter Core - our frontline communication and collaboration tool. For some businesses that's all they need. Those that have more complex requirements can build on Blerter Core by adding any of our Feature Add-ons for an even more powerful health and safety platform.