Make sure everyone knows what's happening on site


Blerter is the simplest way for you to keep track of who is on site and keep everyone informed of Health and Safety issues in realtime.



Keep Track of who is on Site


Keep everyone on site informed


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Keep Track of who is on site


Everyone checks-in and out via the Blerter App on their smartphone so you always know exactly who is on site. 

Exciting hazards and alerts need to be acknowledged as part of checking in making sure everyone is informed and aware. 


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Keep everyone on site informed


Everyone is notified of alerts and hazards in realtime

Everyone shares health and safety concerns such as incidents, near misses and other observations in seconds via Blerts

Team members can see who else is on site (including contractors and visitors)

Everyone can access details about other project members (e.g. qualifications, contact details, etc.)

Keep all site related documentation in one central place within Blerter

Everyone can engage in discussions with other project members via Blerter