Partner Program

Account Registration Requests

To ensure the Partner Program is fair, and to avoid any conflict of interest, we are following a account registration process. Partners need to register accounts they are discussing Blerter with.

Partners can only register accounts once they have had an initial conversation with them about Blerter and the account has signaled interest in Blerter.

Once confirmed, accounts are automatically registered for 3 months. This period can be extended if needed.


How to register accounts:

  • To request an account registration, please fill in the form below.
  • We will review your request and confirm if the account can be registered.
  • You will receive a confirmation from the Blerter team once the account has been registered for you. 


Account Registration Form

Your Details
Please provide details about you and your business below.
Your Name *
Your Name
Please enter details of the account your want to register below.
Name of Your Main Contact *
Name of Your Main Contact
Date of Initial Blerter Conversation *
Date of Initial Blerter Conversation
When did you first introduce Blerter to this account?
How many people in the business would you expect to use Blerter should they decide to purchase?
Estimated Close Date *
Estimated Close Date
When do you expect the account to make a decision about Blerter?
What are the main pain points this customer currently has that you're hopping to address with Blerter?
Please briefly outline the next steps you have planned for this account.
Please outline what support you will need from us to progress this opportunity.
Please provide additional relevant information below.