Kevin Goodrick

Android Developer


Kevin has extensive experience in the mobile development space, starting back in the dark days of 2003 when j2me, Palm OS, and Rim (Blackberry) were looked at in awe.  When Google decided to back an open source unix based device, Kevin jumped on the wagon. The rest is history.  

Kevin has been involved in a wide variety of projects ranging from little standalone apps to large enterprise apps in both the private, and public sectors.  He has developed a farm management app, a pocket whip app, a geolocation based POI app, to a national directory service, to name a few.

When he is not improving and fine tuning the Blerter Android app, Kevin enjoys playing with micro controllers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 4D Systems, etc).  His latest little project is a programmable RFID based ignition system, which he intends to install into his jet boat.


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