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Michael Walker

Marketing Manager

A creative thinker, Michael believes in the power of unorthodox and unusual process to achieve unique results. A big believer in automation and MarTech (Marketing Technology), he has vast experience in implementing large-scale, strategy focused tech stack solutions for Marketing Departments and Revenue Teams. Michael brings with him a background in technology startups from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh both as an employee and a consultant.

Michael also has a strong passion for social and humanitarian efforts, sparking him to co-found Ascend Together, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization tackling the issues of education, sport development, and gender equality in West Africa.

Outside of the office, Michael enjoys comedy clubs, good books and the usual Friday pizza and film night. He has yet to acknowledge his long-lost athletic abilities being nonexistent, so you can find him embarrassing himself on the local basketball court most weekday evenings.