Safety at your locations

Check in / out

Always know who is on site. People need to acknowledge all current hazards and alerts upon check in meaning you know everyone is informed. 


Get visibility of the exact location of incidents, near misses and hazards enabling you to act quicker and with increased accuracy. 


Enable your people to share information about hazards, incidents and suggestions in seconds, including photos and location, directly from whatever device they are on.

Tasks Icon

Create, assign and track tasks to address Health and Safety issues quickly and reliably.


Something happened in (any of) your location/s? Did you become aware of a new safety hazard? With Blerter you can send an alert to everyone on site in seconds. 


Inform your people of things they need to be aware of because they are, or could be, dangerous


Make it easy for everyone on site to report incidents, including photos and exact locations, from any device. 


Record observations during inspections or record risky behaviours that should be dealt with

Centralized documentation

Compile documentation (manuals, guides, project briefs, etc.) in a central place and give relevant people easy access. 

Visitor Registration Kiosk

Keep track of visitors to your location, make sure visitors are aware of potential hazards and send automatic notification to the person they are visiting. 


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