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Blerter is a real-time communication and collaboration tool for dispersed teams like yours - learn more about Blerter here


Ironman New Zealand will be using Blerter for team communication and collaboration during the Ironman New Zealand event on March 3rd in Taupo. 


Blerter is the tool that helps event teams be connected, informed, productive and safe. Whether you are a manager, event crew or a volunteer, Blerter provides you with the direct line of communication to your event organizers. You can quickly share any concerns, suggestions and other observations by sending a Blert and the organisers will share important information with you by sending out Alerts. With Blerter you also have access to general event information such as maps and schedules.

Please note that Blerter does not replace a 111 call in an emergency situation.  


Download the Blerter App

As a first step, you need to download the Blerter app to your Android or iOS device (smartphone or tablet). Follow the links below to view the app in the stores or search for Blerter in your app store.


Use code


to join the Ironman event team on Blerter


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Quick Overview


Getting Started

1. Create (or update) your profile

Once you have downloaded the app you can sign up with your email address. You will then be prompted to create your profile. Make sure you upload a profile image to make it easy for other team members to recognize you. 

In some cases, a profile might have already been set up for you and login details have been shared with you. If that's the case, please make sure you check your profile information and edit it if needed (find out how to edit your profile here). 

The first time you open the Blerter app it will ask you to allow push notifications and geo-location tracking. Please allow both! This is really important for the managers to be able to communicate with you and view your exact location when you report issues.


2. Join your Team on Blerter

Use code


to join the Ironman team on Blerter

  1. Find your event: When you first join Blerter, you will be prompted to search for your event. Search for "Ironman". 
  2. Join your event team: Once you have found your event, use the code Ironman2018 to directly join the team
  3. Check in:  Once you're part of the event team, you can check in. Check-in will have important information about the event for you to acknowledge and agree to, so please read it carefully.


Now you're all set to go. You can view Alerts, Hazards, Document and details about your team. If you want to communicate something with your event managers, simply send a Blert. Below you can find a few Quick Start Videos and Tutorials to help you get started and get the most out of Blerter. 


Quick Start Videos

Watch the video below to see how Blerter works and follow the Learn More buttons for more detailed instructions. 




Editing your profile

  1. From the left side menu, tap on your name
  2. Tap on the three dots in the top right and then select Edit Profile

  3. Tap on the photo area at the top to add/change your profile photo

  4. Edit your details and then tap Save (top right)

    1. Please make sure the ‘Show Email’ and ‘Show Phone’ sliders at the bottom remain green so other crew members can see your contact details when needed

  5. From your main profile page, tap Add Certification to add certificates such as first aid, and other special training

Checking In

  1. From the left side menu, tap on Event, then tap Check In next to the project name
  2. Review and acknowledge the current Alerts, Hazards, Documents and other information

    1. Documents need to be read and acknowledged before you can move forward. Tap on the document to open it. 

  3. Tap Check In at the bottom of the screen once you’ve acknowledge all information. If you are stuck here - ensure all information is ticked/ acknowledged

  4. Once checked in, you will be taken to the Event Dashboard

Sending a Blert

  1. Tap on the Blert icon on the Bottom toolbar (middle icon)  

  2. Select the type of issue you want to report and then fill in the details on the next screen

    1. Be as specific as possible about what happened and, if relevant and possible, include athlete numbers or participants name and surname

    2. The location will automatically default to your current location. You can update your exact location by tapping on the pin icon.

    3. Include all the people that are involved. You can free type names and athlete numbers or select a crew member by tapping the + icon.

    4. Add an image whenever possible

  3. Tap Send (top right)

  4. An acknowledgement notification will be sent from the event organization team as they action your Blert. Note: Reply time may vary depending on other activities happening.

  5. You can add comments to Blerts if the situation changes or you have additional information. Managers might also add comments if they require more information or have suggestions for how you can respond to a situation. Keep an eye out for notifications about comments on Blerts you’ve sent.   

Start a Group Conversation

Easily share information and spark up a private conversation with one person or a whole team

  1. Tap the message bubble on the bottom toolbar to view your conversations and start new ones

  2. Continue any of your conversation or tap + to start a new one

  3. To add people to the conversation either start typing their names or tap the people icon (top right) to select from a list of team members (to be part of a conversation participants have to download Blerter and join the event team) 

  4. Type your message. Feel free to include images and emoticons.

  5. Tap save (top right) or the send icon next to the message field to share your message with the group

  6. If you receive a new message or a reply to your message, you will see a little number by the message bubble in the bottom toolbar 

Find crew members and their contact details


  1. From the Dashboard, tap the Team icon to see a list of all team members
  2. Tap any team member to see their profile and contact details
  3. On their profile, tap the phone number to give them a call

Viewing blerts, alerts and hazards

  1. From the Dashboard, tap on the Blerts, Alerts or Hazards icons to see all current Alerts and Hazards from your Event Organizers and also Blerts that you have sent them (you can only see Blerts that you have sent, not those other team members have sent)

  2. Tap on any individual Blert, Alert or Hazard to view the details

  3. If managers create a new Alert or Hazard, you will also get a push notification to tell you about it

Viewing Documents

Under documents, you can find a lot of information that might be relevant for you at different times during the event. 

  1. From the Dashboard, tap the Documents Icon

  2. Tap on the Document or Folder you want to view

  3. Some Documents might have attachments. You can view those by tapping on the attachment.

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions or feedback for us, we would love to hear from you. Email us your questions or feedback.

Email: support@blerter.com