Blerter in the news Technology a 'massive opportunity' to save lives in every work place

9 July 2017

Apps, the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics could prevent the disturbing number of deaths happening in workplaces due to staff complacency, the creator of an acclaimed solution says. 

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Scoop: Blerter Releases Version 2.4

20 June 2017

New Zealand’s leading digital health and safety provider has introduced a new version of its innovative communication and collaboration software designed to make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of their shift.

Read Article Budget failed on health and safety

26 May 2017

In a month which saw a company ordered to pay $386,300 after a worker was paralysed from the neck down after being hit by a harvester he was helping to unload, we would have hoped the Budget would hold more in terms of spending on awareness of health and safety issues.

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Reseller news: Blerter expands in US, appoints channel expert

8 May 2017

Health and safety software developer Blerter gains a CFO and two new business development managers.

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RollCall screenshot

NBR: Blerter's RollCall lets you track, locate staff during an emergency

19 November 2016

The Kaikoura quake inspired Auckland's Blerter to release a free beta version of its RollCall service, which can be enabled after downloading its Blerter app (find it on Apple’s AppStore and Google Play).

It’s a simple but effective smartphone app for keeping tabs on staff, classmates or loved ones in an emergency situation.

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RadioLIVE: This week's Vodafone xone Innovator - Richard Gill, Blerter

25 July 2016

RadioLIVE's brand new series - the Vodafone xone Innovators Series.

Hosted by Mark Sainsbury with interviews by Idealog’s Vincent Heeringa and Ben Fahy, hear how kiwi business pioneers took a concept, an idea, or even just a thought and turned it into a successful, sustainable business.

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Richard Gill - Blerter

Idealog: Vodafone xone Innovators Series: Blerter's Richard Gill on staying alive with software, sacrifices and cognac-based inspiration

22 July 2016

Blerter founder and CEO, Richard Gill, talks with Idealog's publisher and editorial director Ben Fahy about his journey.

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Vodafone Xone: Watercooler chat - Blerter

14 July 2016 Vodafone Xone names winning tech entrepreneurs

13 July 2016

Blerter is among 10 tech companies each awarded a $150,000 package to help commercialise products at the Vodafone Xone in Christchurch's innovation precinct.

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NBR: Ten companies selected for Vodafone’s business accelerator

13 July 2016

Vodafone has revealed the 10 early-stage technology companies that will go through its business accelerator programme, Vodafone Xone - Including Blerter. 

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IBM: The future of worksite safety: How social helps save lives

28 June 2016

Health and safety is all about checklists, people finding the right paper on a clipboard, checking forms, and that sort of thing. It really is like the 1980s. We thought, “How can we automate this? How can we use all the technologies we have available to us to create a whole new way of looking at it?”

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DairyNews: Big Fieldays crowd jumped online for mega download

2 July 2016

Vodafone and Blerter team up for Fieldays.

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Scoop: Blerter visits National Fieldays

16 June 2016

Blerter will be at this year's National Fieldays held at Mystery Creek in Hamilton talking to the rural sector about health and safety.

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Spark: Health and Safety - From compliance to competitive advantage

5 May 2016

How new mobile and social tools are disrupting the way companies take care of their people so that the business can be more flexible, save costs and grow faster.

Read Article The compelling reasons for keeping tabs on staff: Richard Gill

27 Mar 2016

Bomb blasts in Brussels and Paris, a plane crash in Russia, landslides in Nepal, or - much closer to home – the Canterbury earthquakes.The moment you hear these news items, you can't help but wonder whether you might know anyone caught up in it all. 

Read article... Contracting no longer a 'tick box exercise' under health and safety reforms

14 March 2016

The days of businesses trying to palm off responsibility for contractors' health and safety are coming to an end as new legislation comes into effect from on April 4.

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Idealog: Elevator Pitch: Cloud M's Richard Gill on Blerter

29 Dec 2015

Elevator Pitch. We gave Cloud M founder Richard Gill sixty seconds to pitch his software service Blerter. He went long, but it was worth it.

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13 Nov 2015

This week, Small Business editor Caitlin Sykes talks to serial entrepreneurs - including Richard Gill, CEO of Blerter. 

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NZ Herald: App aids digital shift for Kiwi worksites

3 Nov 2015

A push to get rid of the old-school whiteboard and paper-based approach to workplace safety has lead to a local tech company launching an app it hopes will revolutionise communication on the worksite.

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Computerworld: NZ app developer overhauls emergency alert system on IBM Cloud

22 Oct 2015

New Zealand-based application developer and emergency network provider, CLOUD M, has migrated its emergency alert tools and system to IBM Cloud, in a move designed to foster greater reliability and performance.

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5 Oct 2015

Blerter wants to be the social network for health and safety across technology, company and industry silos. 

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21 Aug 2015

The Pike River mining disaster has focused the nation’s attention on health and safety like very few instances before it.

Read article... On Cloud M: saving lives with Blerter key for app company

17 Aug 2015

Safety is at the heart of a tech company that has developed two mobile apps designed to make a difference.

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Geekzone: CLOUD M launches its Blerter business app for the Apple Watch

24 Apr 2015

Health and safety app Blerter will be available on Apple's wearable Apple Watch at launch. 

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31 Jul 2015

In the old days, if you wanted to get the fire brigade, ambulance or police to help you out, you’d dial 111 on your rotary telephone.

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12 Jun 2015

From the media you’d get the impression that Apple conferences are all glitter and glamour, filled with new hardware and gadgets inspired to make people shell out yet more cash on their latest toy. Well at the current Apple Developer conference, known as WWDC15 (Worldwide Develop Conference 2015), the reality is very different.

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