health and safety software that actively engages your people

Enable and engage your entire workforce to take an active role in health and safety. 


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People first. compliance through engagement.

At Blerter we believe that health and safety is about creating a culture where people are empowered and encouraged to look out for themselves and each other. That's why Blerter is designed to be intuitive and engaging for everyone in the business.

Two-Way Communication

Real-Time Collaboration

Contractors Included

Mobile First

BLERT: Enable your entire team to share health and safety concerns in second.

  • A simple Blert Feature that enables everyone to report incidents, near misses, potential hazards, suggestions and more
  • Blerts can be sent and viewed directly from any mobile device
  • Managers can convert Blerts to Hazards, Incidents, Documents, or Observations in a few simple steps.


Ensure everyone is aware of all hazards and risks

  • Check-in process that ensures everyone is aware of Hazards and Risks from the moment they arrive on site
  • Real-time notifications for new Hazards and Risks
  • Hazard and Risk tracking and reporting

Easily identify and manage incidents and near misses

  • Blerts: A simple and intuitive way for your workforce to report incidents and near misses directly from their mobile devices
  • Incident and near miss tracking and reporting
  • Create and assign tasks to resolve issues quickly

Give Everyone Access to the right information at the right time

  • Reports of health and safety activity in the business
  • Shared documents and required reading documents
  • Personal profiles for each team member with contact details, qualifications and certifications
  • Overview of who is on site
  • Project and business information
  • Group chat

The results