Desktop App Beta Program

Getting Started Guide

Blerter Desktop App Login Screen

Log in

1. Access the Desktop App by following this link.

2. Log in with your normal Blerter login details.


3. After you have logged in, you will be taken to your Business Dashboard. From here you can access details about your Business and Projects, as well as your network, conversations, tasks and notifications. 

Build your Project Dashboard

The first time you open the Dashboard page under Project you will notice that it's pretty empty. You can easily change this by adding widgets to your Dashboard. Simply click the 'Add Widgets' button in the top right corner and select the widgets you would like to see on your Dashboard. 


View and Analyse your Health and safety Activity

Select any of the items under Project from the left side menu to take a closer look at Hazards, Alerts, Blerts and more. Each page will show you a list of all relevant activities in your business. You can use the filters at the top to refine your view and analyse your data.