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Get full visibility into health and safety activities in your business. 


A big part of health and safety is reporting on activities, incidents and efforts undertaken. Whether it’s senior management, shareholders, government institutions or other stakeholders, they all might at times request information around health and safety in your business or teams. 

With Blerter you can generate reports showing the health and safety activity in your business or project (with the Project Teams Add-on) and export these reports in standard file formats.


Key Features

Generate a wide range of reports

  • Access reports on all key activities and information: Alerts, Hazards, Incidents, Observations, Documents, Team Members, Blerts and more
  • Generate reports showing activity across your whole business
  • Generate reports of activity for specific project teams. This requires the Blerter Project Teams Add-on - Learn more here.
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Determine Report Criteria

  • Select a date range for your reports
  • Determine other criteria such as status and file type and others
Report Criteria
Export Reports

  • Export reports as PDF or CSV files
  • Some reports are also available as XML
Reporting Export
In-app dashboards

  • View critical information at a glance on your Dashboard
  • Customize what information you want to display on your Dashboard
Reporting Dashboard

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Blerter Core + Feature Add-ons

Here at Blerter we understand that each business is different and has unique requirements around health and safety. That is why we developed the Blerter Core + Feature Add-ons model

Everyone starts with Blerter Core - our frontline communication and collaboration tool. For some businesses that's all they need. Those that have more complex requirements can build on Blerter Core by adding any of our Feature Add-ons for an even more powerful health and safety platform.