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Enable your team to share health and safety issues and concerns in seconds.


Your people are your eyes and ears in the workplace and often know about incidents and (potential) risks before management does.

Blerts are an easy way for your team to report health and safety incidents and concerns directly from their mobile devices in a few simple steps. A simple process makes it easy for project managers to acknowledge and action the Blerts - including converting them to Incidents, Hazards, Alerts or Documents. 

All in one, easily accessible place. 


Key Features

Enable everybody to share health and safety issues

  • Make your team your eyes and ears and streamline communication between team and managers
  • Enable your entire team (including contractors) to share health and safety issues in seconds via the Blerter App
  • Blerts can include details such as severity, people involved, exact location and photos
Create blerts
Realtime notifications

  • Managers receive realtime notifications when a Blert is submitted
  • The reporter receives a notification once the Blert has been acknowledged
blerts notifications
Review and convert blerts

  • Managers review Blerts and, if needed, contact the people involved
  • Managers can convert Blerts to a new Hazard, Incident, Observation, Document (or link to an existing one). This automatically notifies relevant people as needed.
convert blerts
View details and track progress

  • Easily view all information related to the Blert including who reported it, what it was converted to, any related tasks, updates and progress made
  • Click through to view the full details of the object the Blert was converted to
Blert detailed view

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Blerter Core + Feature Add-ons

Here at Blerter we understand that each business is different and has unique requirements around health and safety. That is why we developed the Blerter Core + Feature Add-ons model

Everyone starts with Blerter Core - our frontline communication and collaboration tool. For some businesses that's all they need. Those that have more complex requirements can build on Blerter Core by adding any of our Feature Add-ons for an even more powerful health and safety platform.