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Visitor Kiosk


Keep track of visitors and ensure they are aware of existing Hazards.  


Workplace health and safety is not just about keeping your workforce safe. It also extends to the safety of visitors to your locations.

With the Blerter Visitor Kiosk it’s easy to manage visitors to your site and keep them safe and informed. You will have full visibility of who is on site and can make sure visitors are aware of potential Hazards and risks. The system also sends automatic notifications to the host when their visitors arrive.  


Key Features

Keep track of visitors on site

  • Require visitors to check in when they arrive and check out when they leave
  • See exactly who is on site at any given time
  • Make sure visitors are safe in case of an emergency
Ensure visitors are aware of critical information

  • Visitors acknowledge existing Hazards as part of the Check-in process so you can be confident they are fully aware of potential Hazards and other important health and safety information
Notify the visitor's host

  • The system will send automatic notifications to the host when their visitors arrive

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Blerter Core + Feature Add-ons

Here at Blerter we understand that each business is different and has unique requirements around health and safety. That is why we developed the Blerter Core + Feature Add-ons model

Everyone starts with Blerter Core - our frontline communication and collaboration tool. For some businesses that's all they need. Those that have more complex requirements can build on Blerter Core by adding any of our Feature Add-ons for an even more powerful health and safety platform.