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Emergency RollCalls


Locate your people instantly in emergency situations and identify those who need help.


Keeping your people safe goes beyond the workplace and working hours. In case of a major emergency you will want to know if your people are safe and help those who are not - no matter whether they are at work at the time or not. 

The Blerter Emergency RollCall Add-on will help you keep your people safe in emergency situations by giving you a quick and effective way to find out who needs help. Clearly identify people who are safe and focus on helping those who are not.


Key Features

Create RollCalls within seconds

  • It only takes a few seconds to set up a RollCall in Blerter 
  • Include information about what happened and share advice
create RollCall
Tailor the audience

  • You have full control over who receives the RollCall
    • Add everyone connected to your Business(es) or Project Team(s)
    • You can add people from several different Businesses and/or Teams
    • Select people manually from your Employee or Team lists, or include everyone from a Business or Team in one click
    • Add people from your (personal) network
RollCall Audience
Realtime Notifications

  • The RollCall audience will receive a realtime notification informing them about the emergency situation
  • Every RollCall participant is requested to confirm their status: I’m Safe / I’m Safe but Affected / I’m not Safe
  • RollCall Managers can track in realtime as participants confirm their status
rollcall notifications
Identify those who need help

  • Quickly identify the people who requested help and those who didn’t respond
  • See every respondent’s location
  • Access contact details via their Blerter Profiles
RollCall responses

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Blerter Core + Feature Add-ons

Here at Blerter we understand that each business is different and has unique requirements around health and safety. That is why we developed the Blerter Core + Feature Add-ons model

Everyone starts with Blerter Core - our frontline communication and collaboration tool. For some businesses that's all they need. Those that have more complex requirements can build on Blerter Core by adding any of our Feature Add-ons for an even more powerful health and safety platform.