Blerter releases BETA VERSION OF RollCall 

A powerful new way to connect with your people in emergency situations


On Monday morning, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit central New Zealand and caused chaos for those in the region. So far, two people are confirmed dead amidst reports of many casualties. Parts of the South Island are cut off due to slips on State Highway 1 and workers are being advised to stay out of central Wellington while damage assessment work takes place.

As a company focused on helping businesses keep their people safe, events like this are a major concern for us. We believe keeping your people safe goes beyond the workplace and working hours. We have several customers in the South Island who are affected and who have spent a lot of time checking in with their people to make sure everyone is safe and to help those who are not.

It’s situations like this that have been driving the development of our new Emergency RollCall functionality - a powerful new way to connect with your people in emergency situations.

RollCall allows those responsible for a group of people (at a work site, office or other facility for example) to send notifications and ask everyone to check-in during a crisis like this and confirm their status as safe, affected but safe or not safe.

As a result, RollCall helps businesses identify quickly who is safe, enabling them to focus on people who need help or are unaccounted for.


Using RollCall is simple

  1. Write a quick explanation as to what happened (“Earthquake in central New Zealand”) and any advice that might be appropriate (“Tsunami alert in place - avoid coastal areas”).
  2. Determine the audience (everyone or just specific people from your business or projects).
  3. Your audience will receive a notification asking them to confirm their status.
  4. Once participants confirm their status, the manager will see in real-time who is safe and who needs help.
  5. If a participant responds with "Not safe" the manager will receive a notification and can access details including the exact location of the person.
  6. A simple participants overview page shows exactly who is safe, who needs help and who hasn't responded yet.
  7. As the situation changes, managers can update the RollCall with new information which will send notifications to the participants.

Get access to RollCall

While it’s still in beta, RollCall is now available on request to all Blerter users so you can see for yourselves how it works. We are looking to work closely with our customers and get their feedback on the ease of use, the interface and the processes so we can further improve the RollCall functionality and ensure it's fully available and reliable when needed the most. 

Existing Blerter users: 

If you are already a Blerter user and would like to access the new RollCall feature, get in touch with us via email or phone and we will activate it for you (free of charge).

New Blerter users:

If you’re not a Blerter user yet, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, create your personal and business profiles and then contact us to activate RollCall for your business.


    Email:                     Phone: (+64) 9 358-7416