Keep your team connected, informed, productive and safe.

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Our mobile-first communication and collaboration platform will revolutionize how your team works and will help you create a productive and safe work environment for everyone.


Do you have a large, dispersed team?

Do you rely on a lot of one-off, occasional and seasonal team members like volunteers, contractors or other irregular workers?

If you do, then you know about the challenges of managing these teams and ensuring everyone is productive and safe. In-person communication is challenging, you feel like you don’t have visibility into everything going on and your team, especially the new and occasional members, don’t have easy access to the information they need to do their jobs.

Blerter is a mobile-first communication and collaboration platform that connects and engages your dispersed and changing team to create a productive and safe environment for everyone.


Manage your team with Blerter 

CONNECT your entire team on one platform

COMMUNICATE and collaborate with everyone in real-time

ENABLE EVERYONE to report issues and concerns in seconds via their mobile devices

Give everyone easy access to relevant INFORMATION

Keep everyone informed of hazards and other SAFETY RISKS

TAKE ACTION quickly to address and resolve issues as they come up