White Paper: Implementing the New OSHA Guidelines in your Business


White Paper

Implementing the New OSHA Guidelines in your Business


How an innovative new breed of health and safety software tools can help you implement the new OSHA Guidelines in your business. 

White Paper - OSHA Guidelines

Although most organizations have had a health and safety policy for some time, the nature of work is changing fast and health and safety policies that might have worked well in the past are in need of review and updates. 

As a response to today’s health and safety challenges, the Occupational Safety and Health Association of The U.S. (OSHA) has released new guidelines to “provide responsible employers, workers and worker representatives with a sound, flexible framework for addressing safety and health issues in diverse workplaces”.

It’s important that businesses understand and implement these guidelines. However, especially the implementation part can be a challenge. Luckily, there is a new breed of software than can help.

This White Paper first reviews and summarizes the new OSHA Guidelines. It then introduces the concept of Health and Safety Communication and Collaboration Software and outlines how this new type of software can help businesses follow the OSHA guidelines.

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