Cloud M is moving forward as Blerter


We believe that emerging technology and concepts such as social networks, geolocation technology and real-time communication have the potential to change the way we keep ourselves, our families, our communities and our workforces safe.

Back in 2010, this belief led us to founding Cloud M, a business focused on leveraging cutting-edge cloud technology and social networking concepts to keep people safe. 

As Cloud M, we developed strong expertise and experience in this space. Among other things, we developed and launched Alerter - A civil defence App that helped protect the 1.4 million people of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. Alerter helped the Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) agency alert the public of emergencies, keep them informed of ongoing operations, and help prepare them to cope during a disaster. 

We saw massive opportunities to apply these technologies and concepts to workplace safety. This led to the development of Blerter. With Blerter, we are encouraging businesses to take a new approach to health and safety - one that puts people first (instead of compliance) and focuses on workforce engagement, real-time communication and collaboration and easy sharing of, and access to, information. 

Throughout 2015 we saw increasing interest for Blerter in the market. Simultaneously, The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) decided against a nation wide roll-out of Alerter for political reasons (more here). These two developments led us to the exciting decision to focus all our energy and efforts on Blerter. This means, Cloud M will be moving forward as Blerter.

To avoid any confusion in the market and develop one strong brand, we have decided to farewell the Cloud M brand and focus 100% on the Blerter brand going forward. As a result, we are changing our LinkedIn page, re-directing the Cloud M website to the Blerter site and will, over time, phase out any Cloud M sites and social media account that we can't transfer or re-brand (namely Twitter and Facebook).

We are very excited about the future ahead for us as Blerter and we are looking forward to work with businesses globally to help them improve the safety of the workforce through real-time communication and collaboration. 

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