Meet us at Safeguard 2017 (we're bringing coffee)


Meet us at Safeguard 2017 (we're bringing coffee)

SafeGuard is one of the leading Health and Safety events in New Zealand so of course we didn't want to miss it - especially given this year's theme being 'Better Conversations' which aligns extremely well with Blerter. 

About SafeGuard 2017

The journey towards a high-performing health and safety culture is dependent on the ability to deliver a clear, authentic message. Communication may be up to senior executives and officers, to workers on the shop floor, or to contractors and other business partners. That's why the 2017 Safeguard National Health & Safety Conference is built around Better Conversations.

Take two days out of the office to have a Better Conversation with your peers, to empower you with the tools and techniques to have a better health and safety conversation back in your own organisation. 

We will be there and we're bringing Free coffee so make sure you come and see us. 

Learn more and register here.