Blerter 3.4: Relating items, creating Alerts from Blerts, UI improvements and more


Blerter 3.4: Relating items, creating Alerts from Blerts, UI improvements and more 


Blerter 3.4 introduces a number of new features and also brings overall improvements of the design and key workflows in the application.


What's new


Relating Items

To make it easier to manage relationships between different items in Blerter (Hazards, Blerter Alerts, Documents, etc.), we have enhanced the ability to link and unlink different items to each other via a new 'Related To' panel. 

From the new panel, which can be found at the bottom of the Hazard, Incident, Alert, Document, Observation and Blert screens, users can now link and unlink the item to related Incidents and Blerts. 



Creating Alerts from Blerts

When actioning a Blert, you now have the option to add a new Alert or Link the Blert to an existing Alert. This is an addition to the existing options of converting and linking Blerts to Hazards, Incidents, Observations and Documents. 


iOS ONLY: Quick launch a Blert from the home screen 

Users with iPhones that support 3D touch (iPhone 6s and later) can now quick launch a Blert from their iPhone home screen by pressing and holding the Blerter App icon. 


What's Improved


Accessing Project Info and Switching Projects

A clearer design and process makes accessing project information and switching between projects easier and faster.

  • We have redesigned the screen that shows your existing projects to make it more intuitive and informative
  • From the Dashboard, tap on the project name at the top to see a list of all your projects sorted by Checked In, Checked Out and Available to Join
  • Check in and out of projects directly from this screen
  • To access the project info and open a project (if you are checked-in) tap on the project name on iOS devices or the Project icon / image on Android devices


User Interface - Panel Design

Blerter 3.0 introduced a new User Interface for the Incident Management area. In this release, we’ve rolled out the same panel design and layout across other areas of the App, especially the Alerts, Hazards, Documents, Observations and Tasks screens. 

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