Blerter 2.4 Released: Risk Management, Hazards Categories, UI Improvements and more


Product Update

Blerter 2.4 Released

Risk Management, Hazards Categories, UI Improvements and more


Blerter 2.4 brings significant improvements to the Hazard feature as well as UI improvements to Blerts. 



With the release of Blerter 2.4 users will see some significant improvements to the Hazard feature. These improvements aim to make it easier for managers to record, manage and communicate Hazards.

Risk Assessment

  • A key part of the Hazard improvements is the new Risk Assessment functionality.
  • Identifying Hazards in the workplace is often only the first steps. Hazards then need to be assessed and managed accordingly. With Blerter 2.4 it is becoming a lot easier for managers to assess risks in terms of severity, likelihood and potential consequence.
  • Each Hazard now gets a ‘Potential Consequence’ and ‘Likelihood’ rating on a scale from 1-5. The combined rating then gives the Hazards an overall Risk Level (Very Low, Low, Medium, High or Very High)
  • This has also been implemented across our Reports so that users can now filter reports by Risk Level and consequence and likelihood fields will show on the reports.

Hazard Categories

  • Another new feature is the ability to categorize Hazards as Material, Equipment, Environment, People or Systems and then filter reports by category.
  • As a result, businesses get better visibility into what type of Hazards they see most/least in the business and can easily manage and track Hazards by category.

More control over which Hazards show on the Check-in screen

  • The fact that Hazards are displayed on the Check-in screen and need to be acknowledged before coming on site is one our most popular features. However, not all Hazards need to be displayed every time a user checks-in
  • With Blerter 2.4 managers can now control if and how often a Hazard will show at Check-in:
    • Never: The Hazards will never show at Check-in
    • Once: The Hazard will only show once for every user
    • New or Update: The Hazard will show once when it’s new and then only if it has changed since the last check-in.
    • Every Time: The Hazard will show every time a user checks in.



Blerter Hazards Check-in Screen Control

Blert Improvements

The ability for the entire workforce to report any health and safety concerns in seconds by sending a Blert is one of our most stand-out features. We continuously look for ways to make Blerting even quicker and easier for the workforce. In this new release, we’ve made some changes to the user interface as well as the project and location selector.

User Interface Changes

  • Clearer instructions and design elements on the first page when creating a new Blert will make it easier for the workforce to send Blerts while ensuring management gets the information they need.
Blert - UI Improvements

Project & Location

  • Many Blerter users are part of more than one project and sometimes there is overlap between them. Some users might be working for two or more projects at the same time or might be moving between the locations of two projects regularly. This means, a user might want to send a Blert relevant to a project different to the one they are currently checked in to.
  • Up until now the user would have had to switch projects to send the Blert under the correct Project. With Blerter 2.4 this is no longer necessary.
  • Users can now simple start a Blert while checked into any project and then change the Project when entering the Blert details.  This will automatically associate the Blert to the Project selected and will notified the right manager(s).
  • To keep things simple, the project field will always default to the project the users is currently checked into. But this can easily be changed simple by clicking on the project name or icon.