Blerter 2.1: New Tasks feature and Blert improvements


Blerter 2.1: New Tasks feature and Blert improvements

We're pleased to announce that Blerter 2.1 is now available, making the app even more powerful and even easier to use.

The highlights of this release are the new task features and Blert improvements. 


New: Create tasks for corrective actions 

The new task feature takes Blerter to a whole new level.  You can now not only report and track health and safety issues in Blerter but you can also create tasks for corrective actions.  

  • Create tasks directly in Blerter with just a few clicks
  • Assign tasks to team members and track the progress being made on each corrective action
  • Set due dates and receive reminders to ensure no tasks get missed and all health and safety concerns are addressed 
  • Mark tasks as ‘in progress’ and ‘completed' so you and others involved have a clear overview of where things are at
  • Keep track of all tasks in one place
Tasks 1
Tasks 2
tasks 3

Improved: Blerts

Blerts - the ability for everyone to quickly and easily report incidents, near misses and other health and safety concerns - has long been on the of the highlights of Blerter. We've now made Blerts even better with improved workflows and more options.

  • Set an urgency level for each Blert depending on how bad it is to help the project manager prioritise and allocate resources accordingly
  • Add team members involved to the Blert so your project managers knows who was involved making follow up easier and faster
  • Add details to the location information (e.g. second floor kitchen are) to help your project manager find the specific location quicker

Blerter - Blerts
Blerter - Geolocation
Blerter - Dashboard

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