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Streamline Delivery   |  Sep 27, 2018

The “need to knows” when planning an event

No-one can say being an event planner is easy; it comes with the pressure to create a unique experience within a limited timeframe. Organizing an event - especially if you’re new to the industry - can be a daunting challenge. Like any major project, you need to be aware of the challenges first, then break down the planning process into manageable chunks. Do this, and you’ll be on your way to creating an event you can be super proud of.

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Streamline Delivery, Managing event risk   |  Sep 27, 2018

Planning for Event Risk Mitigation and Management

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”Benjamin Franklin

No matter how much planning goes into an event “things going wrong” can’t be helped or completely avoided, but HOW you deal with them can be the answer to preventing small incidents becoming big issues.

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Streamline Delivery   |  Sep 21, 2018

4 common oversights when planning large events

You’re organizing your next event. You’ve meticulously planned out all those little details to surprise and delight your attendees…

BUT have you missed something?

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Streamline Delivery, Delivering successful events   |  Sep 14, 2018

Top Tips for Managing Event Volunteers

There’s no doubt about it that without volunteers many events would, quite simply, not be able to function. Just look back to your last event and think about how many of your team consisted of volunteers and the role they played? A big one I’m sure...

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