Blerter 2.0: New Blert workflows, improved Harm handling and more.


Blerter 2.0: New Blert workflows, improved Harm handling and more.

Release date: 13 July 2016

What's New in Version 2.0

More options in Blert workflows that allow users to report concerns to managers in a more targeted, more relevant way. We’ve also added a people picker to Blerts and the ability to refine the location information.

Improved harm handling workflow and terminology now make it really easy to identify and categorize the type of harm reported.

Improved geofencing and beacon support now allow for better and quicker check-in/check-out prompting.

Simplified Business signup process.

Intelligent project and business refresh when things change, especially if you're working on multiple devices.

If you’re running Blerter on Apple TV, you will now see visitors included on your dashboards.



  • some users could not be removed from Conversations; they now can
  • driver’s licenses could not be created as certificates in some circumstances; the circumstances have changed for the better
  • we’ve fixed a rare issue where the iPhone keyboard would not dismiss and cause the app to freeze
  • some reports would default to displaying the year as 2020, and while we support the future, all reports are now showing the correct year  
  • other small behind-the-scene bug fixes and performance improvements