Fostering an excellent health and safety culture

For Rodney Grant - General Manager at Blakely - Health & Safety is not just about documentation; it’s about people. The Blakely team has gained an industry-wide reputation for promoting an excellent H&S culture, but did not have the right tools to simplify and streamline their processes. They were mainly using paper forms, which was very time consuming, caused delays and duplication, as well as lacking an accurate, realtime overview. Blakely first trialled Blerter on a number of projects and then soon after rolled it out across their entire workforce, including subcontractors. 


About Blakely Construction

Blakely Construction is a leading NZ Civil Construction company. They have provided Canterbury and surrounding regions with an extensive range of civil construction services for the past 20 years. The whole team at Blakely strives to achieve the highest standards in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment across all its operations, which lends them a reputation of excellence. 

“We provide a safe working environment and
I’m proud to say we have one of the best safety records in the business.”
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The Challenges

The paper-based Health & Safety reporting of the past limited the teams ability to act in realtime.

Rodney Grant, General Manager for Blakely, found it frustrating and time-consuming that he and his team were filling out multiple paper forms (e.g. for equipment checks, quality assurance and training) every day to comply with health & safety regulations and internal reporting standards.

Their H&S process was mostly manual and involved filling out paper-forms by hand, which then had to be typed up before they could be submitted to the right person in the business. This was time-consuming and caused delays as tasks were duplicated. The team at Blakely is committed to promoting the highest standards in Health & Safety across the business, but they did not have the right solutions in place to implement these. When software tools became available that would help streamline these processes, Blakely jumped at the opportunity. 

“Our writing skills aren’t necessarily the best and then we’d have to share that information, form by form, to the right parts of the business. It was incredibly time-consuming and slow.”

The Solution

A comprehensive tool to replace paper forms, simplify H&S reporting and engage entire workforce.

Blakely needed a tool that could replace paper forms, eliminate unnecessary delays, and simplify reporting and notifications of health & safety information, incidents and hazards. They also needed to ensure these reports would always be directed to the right person within a project or the business. 

  Blerter training session at Blakely Construction.

Blerter training session at Blakely Construction.

“I wanted a solution that was fast, increased the quality of information, simplified our lives and meant we had a more accurate picture of what was happening in realtime.”

Blakely trialled Blerter on some of their projects in addition to the existing paper forms they were already using. Soon, they rolled it out across their business and they are even making it mandatory for all their subcontractors to sign up and use Blerter. Subcontractors get linked to Blakely projects in-app, because - according to Grant - they are part of Blakely’s safety culture and are “as important in terms of safety and health as our own staff”


The Results

“It saves time and it saves lives and helps me and the team to make sure everyone goes home safe.”

A 300% increase in Health & Safety activity and reporting. 

Blakely is known for having an excellent reputation in health & safety management. To set the bar even higher for the competition, with Blerter they have increased their average level of activity and reporting by 300%, more than they’ve ever had with paper-based systems of the past. Today, Blerter allows staff to notify everyone instantly when they come across an incident or potential hazard. They can take a photograph using their smartphone or tablet and the location is automatically tagged. Best of all, it goes to the right staff immediately based on location, not guesswork.

Getting Blerter up and running for the company was incredibly easy. I am no IT guru, but found Blerter easy to set up, control and use. The support we have had has been excellent - the polar opposite to the norm of the IT world
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