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Keep your TEAMS connected, INformed, Productive and safe

We are passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology and social networking concepts to help organizations globally keep their entire workforce informed, productive and safe. Every day. 

Blerter is developed by CloudM. 


Our History


Cloud M was founded in 2010 to develop leading-edge mobile apps and cloud solutions that delivered transformational change for businesses. Our team has extensive experience developing innovative technology for organizations across a number of sectors including: retail, food, education, medical and public safety. 

In particular, we have developed strong expertise and experience in leveraging technology and social networking concepts to keep people and communities connected, informed, productive and safe.  



In 2012, on behalf of Auckland Council, we developed and released Alerter, an innovative new platform for public alerting and Civil Defence warnings. Alerter helped the Civil Defence and Emergency Management agency (CDEM) alert the public of emergencies, keep them informed of ongoing operations, and help prepare them to cope during a disaster. 

The system incorporated many different ways to reach the public - from traditional SMS, email and web, to engaging mobile apps and even on-premise warning devices. Hailed as a world first and reaching over 100,000 people, the system enabled Auckland Civil Defence to reduce their early warning first response from 30+ minutes to under 4 minutes.


Blerter Logo Teal Basic_Ironman website.png

We started developing Blerter in 2013 after seeing an opportunity to help organizations globally keep their workforce safe, engaged and productive every day. Blerter leverages technology and experiences from across our portfolio and brings together a truely innovative and disruptive approach to driving  productivity and safety cultures in modern organizations.

In 2015, due to increasing interest, success with initial customers and the opportunities we saw in the market, we decided to focus all our resources and experience on making Blerter the world's best team communication and collaboration platform that helps organizations keep their people connected, informed and safe.  

At the core of Blerter is an innovative Blert feature that enables everyone to report concerns and questions in seconds and gives management an easy way to take action and resolve issues in real-time. This is supported by risk and hazard registers, alerting capabilities, task management, shared documents and much more. 

In 2017 we launched Blerter 3.0, a major innovation in real-time incident response, management and investigations. 

We are a leading-edge technology business that is focusing on bringing continuous innovation and world-leading products and functionality to our customers around the world. 

Today, we are 100% focused on helping keeping teams connected, productive and safe by providing an easy and effective way to communicate and collaborate with the entire team in real-time.